Roller Fly Screen FAQ2019-03-14T19:00:34+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a roller fly screen?2019-03-13T13:35:30+00:00

It is a fly screen that allows the mesh to retract into a cassette when not in use so it is out of sight.

How does the roller screen operate?2019-03-13T13:36:07+00:00

The mesh is tensioned by a spring which rolls it back into the cassette. You simply pull the mesh down into position and it locks into the side guides creating a complete seal.

Where can the roller screens be used?2019-03-13T13:36:32+00:00

Almost any door or window, inside or outside as the aluminium is anodised.

Do the screens need to be removed in winter?2019-03-13T13:36:55+00:00

No. Because the mesh retracts the screens can be left in position out of sight.

What is the mesh made of?2019-03-13T13:37:14+00:00

The insect mesh is 18 X 16 grey decor fiberglass coated in PVC, the industry standard for fly screening applications. It also has U.V. barrier properties.

Are they difficult to install?2019-03-13T13:37:34+00:00

No. They can be installed in minutes with little DIY skills. Alternatively we have an installation service.

Can they keep cats indoors?2019-03-13T13:37:58+00:00

Yes they have been used to keep cats indoors.

Are the screens easy to install?2019-03-13T13:38:20+00:00

Yes, only basic DIY skills are needed and no special tools are required.

Are the screens Guaranteed?2019-03-13T13:38:40+00:00

Yes, we offer a 10 year guarantee on the casings and the internal springs.

Are your screens the cheapest?2019-03-13T13:39:51+00:00

Unfortunately our screens may not the cheapest that can be found on the internet. We only use the highest grade aluminium and internal springs and bearings and our screens are manufactured under strict ISO Standards which enables us to offer guarantees. We are totally confident in their build quality and have been installing the same screens for over 20/span years. There are many screens that are imported from the East which although look good aren’t of the same quality. That said we are still competitive and can offer discounts on multiple purchases.

Quality and Reliability

We use the highest grade extruded aluminium, and an extreme powder coating process that will keep the roller screen systems looking like new for many years and will resist chipping and scratching. The Premier screen components are manufactured from nylon to ensure the durability of the screens, and the fiberglass mesh is specifically engineered for use in our systems and is the result of almost a decade of development by Premier mesh products.

Our screens are suitable for Residential use and meet with the Food Safety Regulations for use in Commercial premises.

Why use Premier Screens?

With over 20 years experience in the fly screening industry you can be assured of the highest quality and best advice whatever your screening requirements. There is a 10 year guarantee on all frames and ‘xtra tuff’ fire retardant mesh is fitted as standard on all our roller fly screens and as manufacturers we offer the screens at discounted prices. There is a choice of mesh colour and types from standard mosquito mesh, ultra fine midge mesh and pollen mesh.

Our reputation for high quality products has resulted in them being exported worldwide and installed into Blue Chip company premises and royal residencies. Don’t just take our word for it go to our Recent Installs page, and whether you need 100+ screens for a large project or just a single screen for your home we are happy to supply you.

All of our screens can be purchased as kits, or ready made, precision cut to your dimensions, or we offer an installation service. Click the button below to go to our shop for an online quote.

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